Staffing Support Services

Contingency planning is a critical part of behaviour support services. Anchor is able to provide flexible, experienced staffing to assist residential & rehabilitation facilities and/or hospitals when staffing difficulties arise such as illness, planned absences due to vacations, and training or job vacancies.  


As a result, Anchor provides dependable and experienced associates to support a wide variety of populations with high risk behaviours, dual diagnosis, developmental disabilities, mental health and/or psychiatric difficulties.   Anchor managers meet with agency’ heads to discuss the specific needs of the agency, the individual(s) that require support as well as the overall expectations of each company. 


Following the intake process, Anchor will develop a specialized team specifically tailored for the needs of the agency and the individuals that require support. In order to quickly integrate into a new environment, it’s important that we utilize support that can easily adapt to the needs of each company. Anchor’s “Anchor Care Plan” outlines any specific needs of the individual being supported, as well as agency expectations.    It’s important that the agency can quickly mitigate staffing difficulties with organized and well-informed support from a third-party provider. 

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