Respite Services

At Anchor our associates have experience working with a range of age groups from young children to adults with developmental disabilities and/or complex special needs.   


What makes Anchor different is our tailored approach to the individuals and the families that we serve. Starting from our intake package we work closely with the families to match our clients with two or more of our associates while highlighting their background and expertise so that they can be an essential part of the treatment team.

Anchor offers support in a wide variety of settings such as; residences, schools, long-term care facilities, hospitals and group homes.  Anchor’s vision is to provide support to individuals with mental health difficulties, high risk behaviours, developmental disabilities, brain injury, dual diagnosis and complex special needs.


678 Spring Gardens Rd. Burlington, Ontario, L7T 1J3

Tel: 905-520-5507

Fax: 888-980-9589

Opening Hours:

Mon - Fri: 7am - 10pm 

​​Saturday: On-Call​

Sunday: On-Call






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