Anchor’s Behaviour Consultative Services are dedicated to high quality, evidence-based, and family-focused services for children, adolescents, adults and their families with complex special needs. Anchor provides an integrated, unique, and barrier-free program of care that is consistent with best practice for individuals and their families across the lifespan with a focus on autism, developmental disabilities and developmental/global delay. 

The behaviour consultative services are focused on outcome based programming delivered through best practises of applied behaviour analysis. We focus on both the child and the family system as a whole with data driven methods to support progress.

Our management team has a combined experience of 50+ years of delivering programming to individuals with concurrent disorders, autism, and dual diagnosis. Treatment methods are based on a behavioural approach that is supported by research and is highly effective in treating individuals with complex special needs.


  • Behavioural consultation 

  • Focus on generalization and maintenance of behaviours

  • Family training to ensure ability to implement behavioural modification strategies


  • Behaviour reduction and replacement behaviours

  • Adaptive/independent living skills

  • Functional communication training

  • Social skills training

  • Self-regulation

  • School readiness skills

  • Parent training

  • Case coordination


  • Behaviour support

  • Skill acquisitions programming

  • Behaviour reduction

  • Social / communication /play skills, self-regulation, motor / vocational skills

  • Anxiety & depressive symptoms

  • challenging behaviour

  • Comorbid ADHD-related problems

  • School readiness skills

  • Activities of daily living


  • Skill acquisition such as increased communication and adaptive functioning skills

  • Behavioral reduction reflected in decreased inappropriate behaviours in the home and community


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