Behavioural Skills Training

Anchor Specialized Support Services provides comprehensive screening and evaluations, behaviour therapy and cognitive-behaviour therapy, as well as behavioural parent training and family support. We regularly offer consultation, staff training, and other support services for the community, and remain active in our efforts to provide continuity of care with our patients’ treatment team.

Skills Training is an evidence-based treatment for parents who have children or teens with autism that engage in problem behaviour or has a skill deficit. Research strongly supports this type of treatment to help parents learn effective behaviour management techniques to reduce and prevent the occurrence of their child’s challenging behaviour and increase socially appropriate behaviors. These programs are also effective in helping children learn social skills, communication skills, adaptive skills, self-regulation, motor skills, play skills, and activities of daily living. Our programs draw upon research-supported manuals and treatment protocols from the fields of applied behaviour analysis (ABA), behaviour therapy, and cognitive behaviour therapy.

Anchor’s collaborative approach enhances and strengthens our clients care plan to help achieve the best outcomes for the child and the family.


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